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Scale innovation entrepreneurship by empowering ecosystem development with shared global knowledge and digitalization for data-driven development and decision making, in financially sustainable way.



A global network of digital startup ecosystems, operated and co-owned locally, connected by open standard data models, global API infrastructure and shared licensing. Where all data belongs to their rightful owners.


Facilitate, co-create and license open global knowledge and digital solutions for ecosystem key actors and operators to accelerate developments and enable data-flow within and between ecosystems for smarter actions.


Our Expertise

As part Grow VC Group, developing the Startup funding and investing models, we understood early on that DATA is crucial to understand and develop best digital channels to identify most potential new startups in volume. 

​We have assisted national and local governments at various Ecosystem Maturity levels and population sizes in US., EU and Asia on policy-making and developing solutions, services and instruments on how to nurture and grow a thriving startup culture and how to develop startup ecosystems in a globally connected world. We are proud to be working in this important area of global economic development.

Beyond the knowledge and consulting, we can also offer digital solutions with international connections necessary in all key areas in which we advise. We are supported by our network of business units in The Grow VC Group, a global leader in enabling digital investing and lending.

Our Work With Different Ecosystem Segments

  • Ecosystem Developers to share best practises and ecosystem development projects between ecosystems to share global knowledge, digitized content, development and management tools.
  • Ecosystem Operators for assessing, identifying and deploying applications and digital connectivity infrastructure to support ecosystem development and enable connectivity and data flow between ecosystem functions and between other ecosystems.
  • Support Providers and Business Creators to provide business creation and support providing knowledge and training in on-site and digital means, as well as develop models for sharing best support practises and related support function specific experts, available to help develop ecosystem support functions in ecosystems around the world.
  • App developers ​around the world developing EcosystemOS connected applications, SAAS services or platforms focused on startups business creation, managing support services for startups or managing & coordinating ecosystem development, - for sharing and distributing applications between ecosystems around the world.



About Startup Commons

Scaling Innovation Entrepreneurship Globally!
Startup Commons was born around simple but powerful concept of digital commons familiarized by Open Source Software and Creative Commons that have enormously accelerated global innovation, business and development of the internet in all areas of life.
We apply the same core concepts for sharing knowledge, education, best practises, software and data - to reduce duplicated work and facilitate collaborative efforts towards business creation and ecosystem development. By sharing things learned and created by us or others.

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