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Startup Commons launches Ecosystem Development Academy


Startup Commons is launching Ecosystem Development Academy based on our over 10 years of field experience and working 'on the ground' with over 30 startup ecosystems around the world since 2014, varying from early stage to more mature levels.

Ecosystem development as an 'industry' is evolving with significant impact on the economic development and prosperity of societies at large. Its performance is a key engine to generate new and more innovative companies, attract talent and investment and employment fitting the needs that digital economy demands. Startup ecosystems are the "R&D departments" of Smart Cities.

It becomes more necessary than ever to understand the mechanisms and dynamics of startup ecosystems:

Founders looking for co-founders, talent looking for ideas and support, investors looking to invest, companies looking for partners, lenders looking to provide working capital, corporates looking new innovations to existing problems and opportunities for their customers and markets.

The list goes on and on. 

What is the Ecosystem Development Academy about?

During our past five years, we have globally validated that those looking after the ecosystem development are missing a holistic structure and digital solutions that are able to connect all the dots and bring more efficiency to all ecosystem stakeholders.


Few of the key challenges are the lack of structuring the knowledge that already exists out there are: 

  • vague and random terminology among ecosystem actors,
  • how to be heard in the middle of the noise,
  • how to stop wasting limited resources and stop "reinventing the wheel"
  • how to align agendas and implement a real working model as part of a multi stakeholder environment
  • how to measure ecosystem development and track impact and output measures
  • and last but not least, how to leverage digital to enable ecosystem data collection, access and analytics that can support decision making for better policies, funding instruments, new services, activities, etc.

The cost of not having a framework when developing an ecosystem

 It is necessary for startup ecosystems to have a common language and framework to describe, track, measure and guide entrepreneurship and innovation from an “Ideas to Products and into Growing Businesses” and from “Talent to Teams and to effective Organizations” in balanced manner.

When it comes to transferring entrepreneurship and startup knowledge, more transparency, common sense and efficiency is needed on how key knowledge is structured, connected and delivered.

If a clear and well-defined framework is not used, this can cause lot of problems further along on the startup journey.

Investing on knowledge and on a framework is the best way to avoid common mistakes and to learn faster, otherwise:

Common Mistakes

You fall into the most common mistakes along the way that can be avoided

Wasting of Time

Without a framework to follow you waste lot of time trying to "connect the dots" and to find the right knowledge

Wasting of Money

Without a clear path to follow you waste lot of money and energy on attempts

Not Optimal Decisions

The decisions you make could be not optimal in the long-term perspective and the actions could be not effective

The value of this online training

Ecosystem Development Academy includes 4 eLearning course modules, presentation materials, tools, frameworks, and documentation.

For groups of three or more people, there is a 20% discount (email us at [email protected]).

This eLearning series along with all tools and materials provided along with it, is based on our live & 'on-site' Ecosystem Development Workshop - format and materials (value 9 500 EUR).

A format that we have provided, iterated and validated over the past five years with dozens of ecosystems on the ground globally.

You can learn more about these sessions in our case studies page.

Our Testimonials From All Around The World


"We have used Growth Academy in Newco Helsinki startup services to make sure our startup advisors have a common understanding of startup ecosystem building and our role in it. We as advisors find it very useful to recognize best practices to ensure we all share the same opinion and methods when working in a direct operative support function as we do. In addition to work as a professional team with different stages of startups in a systematic manner."

Ari Seppänen
Startup Advisor

"I have worked with Startup Commons for many years. During this time I have developed a lot of trust in the company and its leaders. They are extremely competent and experienced both in business and education. Startup Commons is very skilled in making material extremely clear and actionable. The company is also able to position the material in a larger business and societal context, including business models and international dimensions. The student feedback has been excellent."

Liisa Välikangas
Hanken School of Economics​

"One of the most popular tracks of the Nokia Bridge program in Finland was the start-up program that provided introduction to people aiming to become entrepreneurs. Objective of the start-up track was to provide a very pragmatic, concrete and realistic input and guidance. The program was well received by the participants and met / exceeded our expectations in terms of content."

​Matti Vänskä
​Global Head of Nokia Bridge program

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